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I am the author of over sixty books, most of them historical fiction with more than a dash of romance. The most recent, published by Allison and Busby, are mostly set in the second world war, a time I am old enough to remember. It was a time of great danger, heroism and cowardice, shortages and the black market, secrets and spying, people being moved all over the place and separated from loved ones. It is a treasure house of plots for the novelist. Some of my books are confined to the war but others spread over a longer period and are multi-generational.

THE SUMMER HOUSE (2009), reached the long list for the RNA's Romantic Novel of the Year Award and was, for a time, top of the Amazon rankings for Sagas and 198 in all their books. It is still selling well. THE KIRILOV STAR (2011) was short-listed for the historical section of the RoNA awards

I have also written books for Robert Hale, Orion Books (The Stubble Field and The Poacher’s Daughter) and thirty-eight for Mills & Boon Historical Romance. The backgrounds of the latter range from the Civil War and Jacobite Rebellion, through Georgian and Regency times to the coming of the railways and the outcry for and against building the Crystal Palace in Victoria's reign.

My one non-fiction book is a biography of my adored grandmother, who was a village nurse and midwife from the early years of the 20th century until the coming of the National Health Service in 1948. Because of the number of babies she delivered in that time, she was known as The Mother of Necton and that is the title of my book.

Most of my print books have also been brought out as ebooks by the publishers, but I have re-published some of my out-of-print books as ebooks myself which are listed separately. The Stubble field has been renamed ‘A Line Through Chevington and has a self-published sequel called Promises and Pie Crusts.
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