Rags to Riches Bride

Mills & Boon
hardback June 2008 ISBN 978 0 263 20203 8                                                               
paperback August 2008 ISBN 978 0 263 86273 7
Also available as an ebook. 
Diana Bywater must work to keep herself and her alcoholic father, but openings for young ladies are few and far between and who will employ her and allow her to live at home? She is fortunate that Harecroft's emporium needs a clerk and the dowager Lady Harecroft is on hand when she applies for the post. But is there more to her ladyship's intervention that at first appears? Diana has to keep her home circumstances a secret but that becomes difficult when Stephen Harecroft the dowager's great grandson proposes and even more so when his elder brother insists on taking her home one evening when she has been working late. And why are the brothers quarrelling over her? Captain Richard Harecroft is curious about Diana, wondering if she is telling the truth or pulling the wool over everyone's eyes, including his brother's and his great grandmother's. In the process of uncovering the truth, he finds himself falling in love. An invitation for Diana to help the dowager arrange her 90th birthday party brings more secrets and revelations, not least about Richard himself. 
'a superb historical romance from a talented storyteller who never fails to pen heartwarming stories that keep the reader engrossed until the final page...  Rags-to-Riches Bride is a wonderfully written and beautifully told Regency romance from a writer whose books are as entertaining, evocative and compulsive as the works of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer!'  Julie Bonello, Cataromance.
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