The Poachers Daughter

Published by Orion in 1995
hardback ISBN 1 85797 696 7
Paperback ISBN 0 75280 183 X
Brought up as the poacher's daughter, the lovely girl at the heart of this evocative Fen saga set in 1830, is not the simple country girl she appears to be. Her Pa had always promised her she would make a good marriage and hinted she was born for a better life, but how could a poor tinker promise such a thing? He had found her abandoned by a moorside road when she was hardly more than a baby and had brought her up as his own, taking her with him as he travelled the countryside. When, fifteen years later, their van lost its wheels on Middleacre Common, they were forced to settle in one place. It was a time of unrest among the agricultural labourers and Kate became involved with their cause, earning the respect and love of three very different men, a young labourer, the Squire's nephew and a mysterious stranger. As the story unfolds, so does the mystery of Kate's birth.
'Her beauty and explosive personality lure men, and the mystery of who she really is will lure a great many readers in a neatly woven story.' Croyden Advertiser.
Brought out by BCA Book Club in 1995
Reissued by Caxton under the Knight Imprint in 2004. ISBN 1 84429 065 4.