Sir Ashley's Mettlesome Match

published by Mills & Boon

Hardback March, 2011 ISBN: 978 0 263 21817 6

Paperback May, 2011

Large print September 2011

What is Pippa Kingslake doing hiding in the dunes in the middle of the night when free traders are unloading a cargo of contraband? Why is her young cousin, Ben, with them? Had she unwittingly led him into danger writing adventure stories which were avidly read by young lads like Ben? And where has her brother, Nat, disappeared to? Who alerted the Revenue men, who suddenly arrive with a platoon of dragoons and arrest seven of them, including Ben? Could it be the stranger staying at the Manor with Sir Felix Markham?
Sir Ashley Saunders has not told his host he belongs to The Society for the Discovery and Apprehension of Criminals and he is onto the smugglers. With Ben in custody and Nat making himself scarce, Pippa needs help, but can Sir Ashley provide it? Dare he?

This is the fourth in the series about law and order in Georgian times, following on from The Captain's Mysterious Lady, The Viscount's Unconventional Bride and Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife.

Review By rubcale
Another gripping tale in the series of The Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club which I am thoroughly enjoying. Each of the books has its own different theme but its great to have the connection between them and meet recurring characters. As usual from Mrs Nichols there is a strong and compelling plot and empathetic characters. Attention to detail such as calling the North Sea by its then name German Sea and great description helps to transport you back and immerse yourself in the era.

One of the best mini-Series M&B has published - I hope we are to get Alex (the remaining member's) story.

If Mrs Nichols sees this perhaps perhaps you could co-opt another couple of members (maybe someone returning from the Colonies?) - I will be sorry to see this Series end.

10 out of 10