Lord Portman' Troublesome Wife


published by Mills & Boon
Hardback Aug. 2010 ISBN: 978 0 21449 9

Paperback Oct 2010 ISBN: 978 0 263 87608 6

Large Print Feb, 2011 ISBN: 978 0 263 21848 0

Homeless and penniless, Rosamund is forced to marry Lord Harry Portman. In return for a comfortable life, she must produce an heir! But, far from sweeping her into his bed, Harry seems determined to keep her at arm’s length!

His attraction to Rosamund unsettles Harry, and threatens the terms of their convenient marriage – and his undercover work bringing criminals to justice! Guilt over his first wife’s death tortures Harry. But when Rosamund falls into danger, he has to find the courage to let go of the past and fight for the woman he loves…

This is the third book in the series about The Piccadilly Gentleman's Club.

Review by rubcale:

Another delightful episode in the Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club series which I am really loving.  With all the usual misunderstandings built into the romance which is written with an instinctive feel for the period bringing it to life; easy to identify with the characters this keeps you engrossed throughout.  Love the way Harry posed as a fop disguising his true character.  Thankfully there are still more members of the Club crying out for their own stories.