The Fountain

published by Allison and Busby

hardback ISBN: 9780 7490 0840 6
paperback ISBN 9780 7490 0862 8

Also available as an ebook

Norfolk, 1920. Barbara Bosgrove has lived in the in the market town of Melsham all her life, and is looking forward to the annual Harvest Supper dinner and ball – the first since the dark days of the First World War.

George Kennett, a fiercely ambitious man, has had his eye on Barbara since spotting her with her great friend Penny, and Penny's brother, Simon.  He begins a slow and steady courtship and Barbara is eventually won over, agreeing to marry a man she believes she can rely on.  Little does she realise how wrong she can be.  Worn down by George's unfaithfulness during their marriage, Barbara feels she has lost all the vitality of her youth.

But Simon is not prepared to let Barbara lose sight of the woman she really is - the woman he has always loved.  He reawakens Barbara's passion and fighting spirit, but at what cost? 

"This is a gripping and poignant story, with a heroine you can really care about.
Mary Nichols weaves wonderful stories and gives excellent period detail,
which makes reading her books a rich experience." Anna Jacobs.

 Charnwood large print

published by F A Thorpe

March 2011

ISBN: 978 1 44480 582 6




Also published by Soundings Audio Books, both as an audio cassette and a digital CD-Rom.

ISBN: 978 1 4079 2200

The reader is Patience Tomlinson 



Hungarian translation, published by General Press, 2014. 

ISBN 978 963 643 552 3








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