The Viscount's Unconventional Bride

published by Mills & Boon

hardback March 2010, ISBN: 978 0 263 21449 9

paperback May 2010, ISBN: 978 0 263 87583 6

large print September 2010 ISBN: 978 0 263 21160 3

From runaway miss – to viscount’s bride!

As a member of the renowned Piccadilly Gentlemen’s Club, Jonathan Leinster has been instructed to ensure the return of a runaway. Little does he realise that meeting spirited Louise Vail will change his life for ever…

Having discovered she was adopted, Louise has fled to her birthplace, hoping to find her family – but handsome, charming Jonathan stops her in her tracks! His task is simple: escort Louise promptly home. Yet all he wants to do is claim her as his own! 

This is the second in the series about the members of the Piccadilly Gentleman's Club, who are dedicated to restoring law and order to Georgian England.


This is a great follow-up to 'The Captain's Mysterious Lady' although it starts a bit slow it quickly gathers pace. I look forward to the next in the series. - Rita Read