The Captain's Mysterious Lady

published by Mills & Boon
Hardback January 2010 ISBN: 978 0 263 21444 4

Paperback March 2010 ISBN: 978 0 263 87573 7
Large Print July 2010 ISBN: 978 0 263 21155 9

This is the first in the series about the Piccadilly Gentleman's Club, a group of gentleman dedicated to restoring law and order in Georgian England.  It was short listed for the Romatic Novelists' Association Love Story of the Year Award 2011. 

She’s revived his heart – but who is she?

Driven by grief and an implacable thirst for vengeance, Captain James Drymore has one sole purpose in life: to hunt down the men who killed his wife. But when he sees a beautiful young lady in distress James allows himself to become distracted for the first time…
Having rescued Amy, James discovers she didn’t escape unscathed – she has lost her memory! As the conflicted Captain slowly puts together the complex pieces of his mysterious lady’s past, James realises he needs to let go of his own. Can he and Amy build a new future - together?


This is the first in a series of books about a team of gentlemen who set up a group to tackle wrongdoers in the days before there was an organised police force.  If the remainder are up to the same standard then it will be one of the year's highlights in Historical.  Set in rural England as opposed to London Society this is the usual entertaining yarn from Mrs Nichols with its blend of mystery, romance and insight into the culture of the times. - Rubcale

This book is set at a time when there was no real police force and follows a man who is hunting his wife's murderers.  He becomes involved in a young lady's life following a coach accident in which she loses her memory.  I recommend you give it a try - Melanie Wilson.