Honourable Doctor, Improper Arrangement

Mills & Boon

ISBN: 978-0-263-86803-6

Paperback October 2009. Also available as an ebook

Widowed Kate Meredith longs for a child, which is one of the reasons she accepts the offer of Viscount Robert Cranford, a widower with two daughters, but when she becomes involved with Dr Simon Redfern, the founder of a children's charity, and takes four of the children into her home, she begins to wonder if she has made the right decision. Viscount Cranford is a diplomat, stiffly correct in all he does and he insists his future wife behaviour with proper decorum. On the other hand, Dr Redfern is easy going, loves the children in his care and they work in complete harmony. The Viscount will not hear of the wedding being called off, threatening to ruin the doctor if she insists. Because she loves Simon, she cannot risk that. The day before the wedding, matters are brought to a head when the drunken father of one of the children snatches him and Kate herself is kidnapped to look after the child.

Quote from a reader: Once again Mary Nichols combines romance with history and writes compassionately about the problems of the times. I read this one to the end and then started again.


Hardback published in March 2012

ISBN: 978 0 263 22912 7


 Also published as an audio book on CD by Harlequin Recorded Books

ISBN 978 1 4618 3191 4

Available from: http://www.simplyaudiobooks.com/audio-books-author/Mary+Nichols/atr/32810/

and www.wholestoryaudiobooks.co.uk/catalogue/millsandboon