The Summer House

Published by Allison and Busby

Hardback March 2009  ISBN:978-0-7490-7984-0

Paperback August 2009 ISBN: 978-0-7490-0732-4

Also available as an ebook from Waterstone's and Amazon

A secret love that will haunt a family for ever

England 1918. Lady Helen believes her parents when they say she will never find a better husband than Richard, but when he returns to the Front, she begins to wonder just who it is she has married – his letters home are cold and distant – and Helen realises that she has made a terrible mistake. And when Oliver Donovan enters her life, they begin an affair that leaves Helen pregnant and alone, and she is forced to surrender her precious baby.

Over twenty years pass and a second war is ravaging Europe, but that is not the only echo of the past that haunts the present. Laura Drummond is caught in a tragic love affair of her own and when she is forced to leave London during the Blitz, she turns to the mother she never knew.

'In her enchanting story of love and loss through the generations, Mary Nichols succeeds in weaving the gentle rhythms of Norfolk Village life in wartime Britain with some of the harsh realities of the age. Nichols writes with honesty and insight… The strands of this delightful story twist and turn, taking the reader through the turbulent years of the war and ultimately to a thoroughly satisfying conclusion.'
Judith Lennox.

What other readers have said about this book: 

This is one of the best books I have read for a while. The author's research on WWII is spot-on, especially of London during the Blitz. Much has been written with a similar background but the way that the characters and their stories are interwoven into historical detail is excellent. This is one of those books that truly takes you into another world- Just make sure you have plenty of time for this wonderful romance because you certainly won't want to put it down! Mrs. A. M. Machin (Cornwall, UK) 

I enjoyed this book, it is a great beach or plane book. Not too heavy but well-written. The characters are explored but not to the point of dragging the story to a halt. Living near East Grinstead and having heard about McIndoe's guinea pigs, it was interesting to read this weave into the story. Although predictable in places, I was not disappointed when my expectations came to pass. Kate W.

Really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to my friends. Haven't read any books by Mary Nichols before but am looking forward to doing so very soon! J Seymour

Brilliant book! I couldn't put it down! Looking forward next book " The Fountain"  Dimple

This book was the sort of book that is difficult to put down. I found the characters likable and i wanted to know what happened next. It might be a little predictable in places but that did not spoil it for me, sometimes there is the need to curl up with a book that has charm and a real story… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Mrs T Salmon

A great story - your best yet.'  Lilla Molyneux 

I enjoyed this book immensely, it has a few twists and turns and as a result of buying this I have since purchased other titles by this author. Don't hesitate to dip into this book. D Ashworth

Mary Nichols is a prolific and popular novelist and from this latest offering it is easy to see why. She writes in a lively and engaging style and knows exactly how to spin a darn good tale. The Summer House is a lovely slice of life saga which uses its dual First and Second World War backdrops to the full. Her characters are rather appealing, and even the various “bit parts” are well fleshed out. All in all a very good read. Historical Novel Society.

For a longer review by Jenny Haddon, a former Chairman of the Romantic Novelists Association, click here.


Charnwood large print

published by F A Thorpe

October 2009

ISBN: 978 1 84782 845 3








Also published by Soundings Audio Books, both as an audio cassette and a digital CD-Rom. 

 ISBN: 978 1 4079 1529 6  The reader is Hilary Neville. 










Published in German by Weltbild 

as Das Sommer Haus 2011                   

ISBN: 978 3 86800 438 0 


Also published in Hungrian as

Nytyari lak

by General Press 2011

ISBN:978 963 643 400 7







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