The Husband Season

 published by Mills & Boon in May 2015 to be followed by large print in September.

Paperback ISBN: 9780 263 25563 8

UK ebook: 9781 4746059 2

This is a sequel to Scandal at Greystone Manor.

Miss Sophie Cavenhurst is not renowned for her patience or tact, nor, come to that, for her intellect. This lack is balanced by a comely face and figure, a soft heart and a sunny disposition. Young gentlemen frequently propose and are as frequently turned down. 'You see,' she would say with a smile meant to soften the blow. 'It just would not do.'
The trouble is that her three suitors will not take no for an answer and follow her to London when she goes to stay with her aunt for the Season. Her brother, Teddy, is supposed to be escorting her out and about, but Teddy is an addicted gambler, and in neglecting his duty, allows her to fall into all manner of scrapes. When Teddy, up to his eyes in debt, disappears, Sophie is obliged to ask Viscount Kimberley to search for him. But Viscount Kimberley has an agenda of his own which doesn't include falling in love with Miss Sophie Cavenhurst, who is fast earning the reputation of being a hoyden and a flirt. But as Sophie's sister, Jane, tells her, 'Falling in love is not something you can order, like a new bonnet or a new pair of shoes, it just happens.'


Harlequin Historical paperback ISBN: 9780 37330714 2

America ebook edition: 9781 46038120

Also published in Australia as a paperback anthology