We'll Meet Again

Published in hardback and as an ebook by Allison and Busby 19th February 2015.

Hardback ISBN: 978 0 7490 1798 9

Paperback ISBN: 978 0 7490 1704 0

This is a story about the secrets people were obliged to keep during WW2 which they could not even tell their nearest and dearest, and the effect it had on their relationships.

1940. London is facing the full wrath of the Blitz. Sheila Phipps is left orphaned when a devastating air raid claims her whole family and her home. Evacuated to Bletchley to live with her aunt Constance, Sheila forms an unlikely friendship with Prudence Le Strange, the daughter of an earl, working in the code-breaking unit at Bletchley Park. While their friendship grows, the war subjects them to fresh tragedies as, one by one, those they love are called away to distant battlefields, only to join the growing ranks of the missing, the captured and the dead. The two friends find their lives increasingly complicated, not only by wartime secrets they are obliged to keep, even from their loved ones, but by those the conflict begins to dredge up from the past…


'With Alan Turing and Bletchley park once again in the spotlight, courtesy of Benedict Cumberbatch, Mary Nichols's timely, charming novel about wartime Britain contains plenty of accurate and fascinating hints to what life was like for families torn apart by the indiscriminate bombing of London, and the efforts of the Bletchley park scientists who worked so hard to decode the Germans' secret messages. This is a brilliant read, atmospheric and accurate, with great characters and a story that's easy to like. The written equivalent of easy listening in the nicest possible way.' Monthly book review.

In We’ll Meet Again, Mary Nichols has penned an engrossing, fascinating and highly involving historical saga that I struggled to put down. Written with confidence, flair and sensitivity, this outstanding saga brings to vivid life the struggles and hardships which people went through during the Second World War and readers are kept eagerly turning the pages as they find themselves enthralled by the trials and tribulations which Mary Nichols’ wonderfully drawn characters go through.  Julie Bonello, Bookish Jottings. 


Also published by Soundings Audo Books in CD format The reader is Anniw Aldington ISBN: 978 1 4079 5606 0








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