Escape by Moonlight

published in by Allison & Busby

Hardback March 2013, £19.99.

ISBN: 978 0 7490 1303 5

Paperback February20th 2014, £7.99.                                                               ISBN: 978 0 7490 1313 4 

Also as an ebook.

This is the story of two girls, Elizabeth de Lacey and Lucy Storey, both from the Norfolk village of Nayton, the one wealthy and privileged, the other the daughter of the local stationmaster, poles apart but linked by war.
Elizabeth is holidaying with her maternal grandparents in Haute Savoie in 1939 when war breaks out and she elects to stay. Along with her aunt, Justine, she becomes involved with the French Resistance helping allied airmen and escaped prisoners of war over the Swiss border, which becomes more and more risky as Germany takes over the whole of France. Lizzie’s life is one of secrets, betrayal and danger culminating in a fierce battle between the resistance fighters hiding in the mountains and the Germans determined to wipe them out. The death of a cousin in the struggle, the demise of her grandparents and falling in love with Roger, an SOE agent, add to her anxieties. They are in terrible danger and the only way to save them is to fetch them home to England. But that is not as easy as it sounds.
In England, Lucy works for her bullying father at the Nayton railway station. She secretly loves Jack de Lacey, Elizabeth’s half brother, but she knows he is way above her socially and in every other way, but when he saves her from being raped by the jealous signalman, their friendship deepens into love. But there is class prejudice and a mystery surrounding Lucy’s past to overcome before they can find happiness

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                                                                                                       Also Charnwood Large Print published by F A Thorpe

                                                                                                       ISBN 978 1 4448 1844 4

                                                                                                       May 2014.





Also published by Soundings Audio Book on CD

 ISBN: 978 1 4079 4286 5                                                                                                               

The Reader is Penelope Freeman.









                                                                                                                                                  Hungarian Translation published by General Press 2014

                                                                                                                                                  ISBN 978 963 643 669 8










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