The Captain's Kidnapped Beauty

Abducted and taken aboard a merchant ship bound for India, Charlotte Gilpin, the wealthy daughter of a coachmaker in Georgian London, desperately searches for a way to escape. Her rescuer comes from the most unlikely of sources - Captain Alexander Carstairs - a man with whom she has crossed swords in the past.
Alex isn’t sure what to make of Charlotte’s claim to have been kidnapped; he wouldn’t put it past this spirited and independent woman to have invented the whole thing to escape from her father’s matchmaking. But in the confines of the ship this confirmed bachelor finds Charlotte unexpectedly getting under his skin. And when they land in Portugal and she learns who her abductor is, her independence comes to the fore and she finds her own way to escape, not only from her abductor but her rescuer too, leaving both of them searching for her...

This is the fifth in the series about The Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club solving crime in Georgian England. The others are: The Captain's Mysterious Lady, The Viscount's Unconventional Bride, Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife and Sir Ashley's Mettlesome Match.

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