Winning the War Hero's Heart

published by Mill & Boon

Hardback October 2011 ISBN: 978 0 263 21838 1

paperback December 2011

Large print April 2012

 Recently returned from the battlefields of Waterloo, the last thing wounded war hero Viscount Cavenham anticipates is a conflict in his home town! But that is exactly what Miles gets when he comes up against rebellious campaigner for justice and equality Helen Wayland.

At first Miles relishes having headstrong, outspoken Helen as his foe, but as they continue to cross swords their animosity turns to attraction. Suddenly Miles finds he no longer wants Helen as his enemy - he'd like to make this unsuitable miss his wife!

Helen has inherited the Warburton Record from her father and is determined to carry on his crusade against the cruelty and unfairness of the Earl of Warburton, the local land owner, towards those over whom he holds sway.   Miles, who is the Earl's heir, is torn between family loyalty and agreeing with Helen and the more he learns about what happened in the past, the more convinced he is that there is more to the enmity between his father and Helen's father than meets the eye. There is a mystery to be solved and he is determined to solve it.  And in the process he falls in love.