The Earl and the Hoyden

Mills & Boon
Hardback November 2008 ISBN 978 0 263 20217 5 
Paperback January 2009. ISBN 978 0 263 86758 9
Also available as an ebook.       

Miss Charlotte Cartwright is incredibly wealthy and incredibly stubborn. She cannot forget that Roland Temple rejected her six years before, even if he has become the new Earl of Amerleigh and is highly eligible; let the other young hopefuls battle it out for him, for she will not. Her fight with him is over a strip of land and a lead mine to which both lay claim and until that is resolved, they cannot move forward. And Roland needs that mine. He has come back from the wars, older and wiser, to find his father dead and the estate in a parlous condition. It is going to take all his energy and resources to set it to rights and the fiery Miss Cartwright can only be a distraction…

  • 'The Earl and the Hoyden is a wonderfully-written and brilliantly told Regency by a superb writer of historical romances. Charming, witty, smart and impossible to put down, in The Earl and the Hoyden, Mary Nichols brings together an independent Regency miss and a dashing hero in an unforgettable story which you will want to read again and again!'
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Also published in CD audio by Whole Story Audio Books, July 2010

Read by Denica Fairman

ISBN: 978 1 4074 4591 03